We ARE what we EAT.


Food is spiritual. Food unites and brings people together.


Food heals. Food is another expression of creativity and abundance in vibrant flavors, textures, shapes, and healing properties.

When you intake anything in your body - be it food, water, or supplements, do it with an attitude of gratitude.


Exercise mindfulness when you are choosing what to put in your body. There is so much choice out there, so why not to choose something that nourishes your temple, provides it with antioxidants, hydrates it, has healing properties, and aids in detoxification of your body? 

To help you make the right nutritional choices, I developed the"Healthy Yummies" section as your go-to nutritional guide. I truly believe that the four elements below, when exercised and implemented together, is key to achieving vibrant health nutritionally. Trust me, I have done my research and tested it on my temple :)  

Let's go!👇🏽

Vibrant 4


We eat to live, not live to eat!

The intention and the state of mind you're in before you embark on your eating ritual will set the quality of absorption, digestion, and elimination accordingly. Why not have good intentions?

  • Prepare your meal with love and excitement.

  • Be grateful in the presence of food.

  • Say grace. 

  • Bless your food with good thoughts

  • Share your food with people you love.

  • Slow down and enjoy the flavors and textures in good company

Daily Meals

 Your daily meals are your FUEL! Be intentional and knowledgeable about what you put in your body! 

  • Strive for a balance of carbs, protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals!

  • Explore the combinations of ingredients that compliment each other to get the highest absorption of essential nutrients.

  • Know about the influence of alkalinity and acidity on your body and what ingredients are alkaline or acidic. 


Try out these curated recipes! 

For more info go to my BLOG.


Your body's best friends are -vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. These are micronutrients that help your body to:

  • Regulate cell growth

  • Repair tissues

  • Stimulate metabolism

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Fight bacteria, viruses, and pathogens

  • Activate mental and physical performance.


IMPORTANT to know: Some vitamins are fat-soluble and some are water-soluble. No point in eating 1lb of carrots in the hopes of getting adequate vitamin A (fat-soluble). Without oil, it will not be absorbed. 


Get a list of your daily essential supplements here.


Your body is your Temple! And it is important to cleanse it from within.

Detoxing, when done correctly, is a robust, preventative step that can optimize your bodily processes. Eliminating something out of your diet resets, recharges, and rejuvenates your body.


Red tea detox⭐️

Detoxifying with hydration 

Alcohol detox⭐️


Caffeine detox

Meat detox

Gluten detox⭐️

⭐️My temple's faves!

Download my Ultimate Free Detox Guide here.

Go to my BLOG for more info.

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