Be Intentional In Every Pose!

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Tall mountain ⛰ pose!

Pose of balance and confidence.

I also see it as a connector of energy of the Earth through the body with the energy of air, sky, sun, moon and stars. I get in the Tadasana (mountain pose) And I ground my feet down by making sure I feel all four edges of my feet. I stack and align. I raise my hands up and send a lot energy into my fingers. I tuck my pelvis in but at the same time shine my heart up to the sky , but at the same time I press my shoulder blades into my back. I feel responsible for the energy I exude and transfer. At every yoga practice ,I take mountain pose very seriously. I ensure to align my body into straight lined, blockage free, intentional channel through which The Earth grounding energy can be moved up, or The Energy of Air can be moved down... somehow that makes me feel solid but light at the same time, resourceful and free....🌎🌗⭐️☁️🌊💦


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