Visualization is Easy!

Visualization is EASY! Rose!

1. Examine this beautiful picture for one minute. May be check different tones of red or maroons, may be count how many petals are there, or how many layers of petals are there. Try to imagine how this beautiful rose smells. May be try to imagine how the petals of this rose feel. Take just 1-2 minutes to do all of the above. 2. Now close your eyes take a deep breath in- hold for 5 seconds on top of inhale and exhale on count of 6. 3. With your eyes closed try to see the picture of this beautiful rose in all colors, try to add smell and the feel of the petals, try to see all layers of the flower, may be feel the smell of the rose also. Keep your eyes closed until you have this image in front of you in your head, once you start feeling the image disappearing just open your eyes and continue with your day ...

Congratulations, you just spent 3-5 minutes of your day being in high vibration of beauty and meditation while being on your your gadget!


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