What's the Hype?


  • JBAB Airforce Base- group yoga class

  • FINRA Corporation, Rockville - group yoga class

  • Hustle Startup, Washington, DC-chair yoga/meditation event

  • Vectorworks, Columbia, MD- boat yoga/meditation retreat

  • Bethesda Little Flower School- after school yoga program

  • National Presbyterian School- after school yoga program 

  • The Secret Garden, Rockville-Yoga in the garden sessions

  • Private client classes


Students said ...

I have thoroughly enjoyed Kseniya's class and have found it very therapeutic. I can literally feel the space around my heart open. Would love to perform this kind of yoga every day to experience it's full affect. She is a consistently, gentle presence, who demonstrates caring for her students while challenging us to extend the flexibility and reach of our bodies. The music she selects is unobtrusive and yet transporting.


The only thing that I would add to this wonderful class is to occasionally incorporate more floor work. I enjoy trying out new positions.

Namaste and Blessings,


The Reverend Thomasina A Yuille, Clergy and Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner


Kseniya's class is awesome! She is very connected with her class ensuring correct form and total relaxation. Releasing all cares and allowing yourself to be free and connected. I totally love the commitment she shows to her class and ensuring the form is correct. Also, the lavender release therapy is so amazing. I have never felt this tired and at the same time great and relaxed after a yoga class. She is totally awesome!!!!

I keep coming back because she is a great instructor and she is engaged with the class. She ensures you get a complete and total body stretch and flow. I feel complete healing benefits before I was having problems with my hips and lower back. Since attending Kseniya's class I am not having as much pain in my lower back and I am now moving better due to her class. It has been truly a great healing benefit for me with peace of mind and clarity. She is passionate about yoga and it shows. 

With Kseniya's teaching, my understanding of yoga changed because at first I really did not understand the true benefits of yoga. I thought it was a waste of time people stretching and laying on the floor not being engaged or sweating or working out, how could this ever help me but now I see. I have an increase in flexibility, my muscle tone has increased, I can now move around with complete ease of motion, my breathing has improved, my vitality and overall energy have increased. Overall,I am in much better health since starting her class and I choose to be healthy and whole. Kseniya's class has helped me a lot. 


Brenda Mason, Occupation: Army from Maryland, USA

I am leaving this feedback as a friend who had the privilege to watch Kseniya fall in love with and dedicate herself to yoga. I, on the other hand, never understood what is it all about and how could it possibly benefit me.


One day I decided to give it a try and took one of Kseniya's class. Long story short she changed my perception of yoga! Her class was focused on not just the poses but also the correct breathing techniques and alignment. She approaches her students with adjustments to make sure they soak in 100% of the healing powers of yoga. I now enjoy yoga and recommend everyone rookie or pro to try out her classes.


Ilona A, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

My yoga practice has greatly improved since I began training with Kseniya. She notices what skills I've improved and the info I need to progress further. Her understanding of breath and flow seems to be better than most other teachers. I always leave a session feeling refreshed and accomplished. 


Jason Wyatt

Senior Multimedia Designer in Rockville, MD

After attending Kseniya class I feel a sense of phenomenal peace from within. I would like to see more classes offered by Kseniya's yoga instruction at JBAB military base. I keep coming back to Kseniya's class because my body, mind, and spirit has evolved with body flexibility, body core strength and spiritual body calmness from within.  I feel the healing benefits of yoga for my mind, body, and spirit. I’m a widow, federal retiree and now working on a 2nd career. Kseniya's teachings have enabled me to release internal stress and unhealthy energy. I actually cried because of overwhelming peace I felt after my very first session with Kseniya. My overall understanding of yoga practice has changed after Kseniya's sessions because of her attentiveness, and her professionalism when sharing the significance of different movements and benefits of them. 


Carlisa Carter Jacobs, 

Certified Residents Manager and Autism Transitioning Director,

Washington, DC

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