What is Yoga? 

This page is dedicated to help you understand the hype about Yoga. How exactly does it work on the physiological, anatomical, and emotional levels?


Yoga- ([1] Sanskrit: योग; pronunciation) is a group of physicalmental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India - Wikipedia


"When the five senses, along with the mind, remain still and the intellect is not active, that is known as the highest state. They consider yoga to be firm restraint of the senses. Then one becoming undistracted from yoga is the arising and the passing away" -Katha Upanishad

"Yoga is fourfold: faith, aspiration, perseverance and means" (2.152)- Yogacarabhumi-sastra. 


Having taught more than 120 students, it is my observation that once a student understands which muscle or system in the body a particular pose targets, the proper anatomical alignment of the pose, and the health benefits of the pose, one's practice becomes intentional, deeper, more transforming, and impactful.

Let's get intentional and explore the magic of yoga!




Remember, breath is everything! 

Poses without intentional breathing is just blah (I mean, "movement" ;) ). 

Explore the different types of breath by downloading my guide below.

How does it work?

Yoga practice helps to calm the mind. It gets you out of your head and into your body. Each of the poses is designed to work all of the muscles of the body simultaneously. 

Benefits of yoga poses

Yoga poses are intended to:

  • Align and Balance your body

  • Strengthen your muscular and skeletal system

  • Detoxify and Massage your internal organs

  • Stimulate your immune system

  • Recharge and Reset your metabolism 

Go to my Blog section to check out which pose does what!

Styles of yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga ⭐️

Power Flow


Kundalini ⭐️




Yoga HIIT ⭐️

Yoga with weights

⭐️My faves!

Click here to check out what each style is about.

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